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Desktop Residential Appraisal for $49 at Appraisal Network

Get an appraisal of your home from the one person whose opinion matters to banks, a Licensed Certified Residential Appraiser. Only $49 - a $99 value
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Are you thinking of refinancing, buying/selling, and want to know what your place is really worth or what the appraiser will probably say it's worth? Maybe you want to challenge your property tax bill, or simply arm yourself with a qualified value opinion of your property when dealing with banks or real estate professionals. A desktop appraisal will give you the perspective you need, and help you save time and money in these situations. Though limited in scope, this appraisal will provide relevant/reasonable comparable sales (from an appraiser's perspective) and a value opinion that should not vary much from another qualified appraiser's opinion.      

The Fine Print: This is a limited scope (restricted use) appraisal, intended for the named client only, and will be based on the scope of work, assumptions and limiting conditions detailed in the report; which includes but is not limited to an opinion of value based on public records, MLS, and information from the client. No physical inspection of the property will be made. This appraisal is intended for the edification of the client only and not intended be accepted or used by a third party such as a banking/lending institution.
Each offer good for one residential property only, and voucher will be considered redeemed in full after the phone interview with the client and commencement of the assignment. Good for non-complex residential properties with approximate values of $1.5 million dollars or less only. Assignments for more complex properties will be accepted at the sole discretion of the appraiser for an additional fee. Promotional value good for 90 days after date of purchase, paid value does not expire.